Does Medical Weight Loss Really Work? (The Honest Truth)

We have helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off at our Utah-based medical weight loss clinic.

In fact, our weight loss plans are so effective that 100% of clients who join a program lose weight! So what is our secret? How does medical weight loss work so well? Keep reading and we will tell you!

Non-surgical Weight Loss

We also take pride in the fact that we offer non-surgical weight loss programs. Surgery might feel like a fix-all when it comes to weight loss but the cost of surgery can be nearly $30,000. Insurance may only cover a portion of that cost.

Recovering from surgery is difficult, and many unpleasant side effects can linger for years afterward.

We’ve also encountered many people who received weight loss surgery, lost the extra weight, and then gained all of their weight back. The frustration that many of these people experience is hard to describe. Surgery can be a real life-saver for so many people, and having that option available is important. At our weight loss clinic, we strive to help people lose weight naturally.

How is Medical Weight Loss Better?

Medical weight loss works but how? Our weight loss programs are able to tap into your body’s own mechanisms in order to lose weight. Are your hormones off balance causing water retention, increased appetite, or other unpleasant side effects? Are you taking certain medications, including many common antidepressants (SSRIs), which could be affecting weight loss efforts? Age, stress, activity levels, and food intolerances are other possible obstacles to weight loss.

How frustrating to be putting in all of that work without seeing success!

Medical weight loss is better because we are under the supervision of a physician. We can prescribe medications that help our bodies burn fat more efficiently. We can administer injections filled with vitamins to help feelings of “hanger” (hungry anger), fatigue, depression, anxiety, and irritability. Our staff offers regular support and keeps in contact with our clients to follow up on progress. We can also make tweaks along the way.

What Are Our Weight Loss Programs?

Our weight loss programs are tailored-made to help you reach your individual goals. Some people want to lose 10 pounds and some people want to lose 100 pounds. Some people want to lose weight fast and others want a slower pace. Our free consultation with our wellness specialist is our opportunity to get to know you and your goals. We lend a listening ear to your past experiences and take that information to formulate a plan that works for you.

Appetite Suppressants

We offer Appetite control medication with each of our weight loss programs, which we routinely monitor (by our physician or physician’s assistant) for safety. Phentermine is one of the most popular options for appetite suppressant medication, but we also have many other “cocktails” for eager appetites.

Fat-burning Injections

Our weight loss programs include Lipotropic injections which are a blend of vitamins and amino acids that help burn fat more quickly. You may be turned off by the idea of “shots” because they are not always fun, but our Lipotropic injections are so popular that they practically have a cult-following! People continue buying the injections long after their weight loss programs are complete because the injections help them feel great!

Nutritional Guidance

Each of our weight loss programs includes a food manual and log with recipes and ideas for food combinations to maximize weight loss. We tailor our programs specifically for your wants or needs which maximizes success. No foods are “bad” foods – we want you to enjoy your weight loss journey!

Nutritional Counseling

Our weight loss plans include regular nutritional counseling as an added benefit. Research tells us that nutritional counseling is the first line of defense for management of many chronic illnesses, including obesity. At our weight loss clinic, we don’t just take your payment and send you out the door with a generic booklet. We keep you coming back to meet with our specialists to talk about things that might be getting in your way of losing weight and how to overcome them. Our specialists listen to what is working and what isn’t, and then we tailor the programs again and again to maximize success.

How Much Does Medical Weight Loss Cost?

We are just going to come right out and say it: we don’t publish our weight loss program pricing online. Our clinic offers so many different options that the list would get long, confusing, and overwhelming. We offer a completely free consultation with no obligation because it is better that we explain the different weight loss options in-person. We are not pushy (that is not our style!) but we also want to show you what we can do for you, and then discuss price and payment options. Most people spend a few hundred dollars for weeks-worth of weight loss materials, and many people spend in the thousands because they are motivated and committed to losing a lot of weight. We do offer flexible payments options and financing options for those who need it.

Contrast that to the cost of surgery or other interventions and our weight loss programs are inexpensive and painless!

Come Lose Weight With Us!

We are so passionate about weight loss and we love the community here in the surrounding Salt Lake City area, not to mention Utah County and Davis County! We enjoy creating connections with our clients and helping them lose weight. Give us a call or send a text to 801-566-4242, or submit the online request form for the free consultation and we will give you a call back! We’d love to hear from you, and we’d love to help you find success!

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