Am I Too Old For Stem Cell Therapy?

“Am I too old for stem cells to work on me?”

This is definitely one of the most common questions we hear regarding stem cell therapy, and really, it’s not hard to see where people are coming from with this inquiry. The effects of aging have a funny way of changing our perspectives on the concepts of pain and healing. We all remember our younger years when aches and pains just simply got better, and often in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, we have much more fresh memories of aches and pains that linger for much longer stretches of time, sometimes even long enough to force changes in the way we live our lives.

Alleviating those aches and pains, and oftentimes overcoming more traumatic injuries, is the very goal of stem cell therapy. And believe it or not, age has little to do with whether or not it will be effective in achieving those goals.

During our younger years, a major factor in why injuries more rapidly heal is due to the body naturally producing stem cells at a higher rate than our older selves. But that doesn’t mean stem cells aren’t still present in the body and continually producing as we age. More importantly though, when a concentrated amount of stem cells are introduced into a damaged area, as they are during stem cell therapy treatments, they begin working to heal and rebuild damaged tissue, regardless of age. Stem cells adapt to their surroundings, essentially following the original programming of the human body’s composition. Age-discrimination is essentially a non-factor in the effectiveness of stem cell therapy, as even in older patients, that construction crew of cells is able to go to work on repairing the structure of damaged or arthritic joints.

Looking toward the future, stem cell therapy appears to be at the forefront of a regenerative medicine revolution. Whether patients are battling the physical limitations of a traumatic injury, or simply the aches and pains of worn-down joints that comes with old age, stem cells are offering patients a new beacon of hope for recovery. Many patients experience significantly better results and pain relief from stem cell therapy than they otherwise might have with the traditional treatments and/or surgeries of yesteryear. Along with that, stem cell therapy is often much less costly, has shorter recovery times, and a procedure that only takes roughly one hour to perform.

If you’d like to learn more about how stem cell therapy can help you break free from things such as joint pain and arthritis, don’t hesitate to call and schedule your free consultation at South Valley OrthoMed.

An IV therapy cocktail for every ailment

IV therapy is a treatment no longer limited to just hospital beds

IV therapy is rapidly growing in popularity both here in Utah, and throughout the rest of the United States. While the concept of hospital patients receiving an IV to deliver both medication and hydration during their recovery process is almost universally known, applying those same healing principles outside of a hospital bed has only recently gained momentum. But that momentum is real, and it’s not slowing down. Patients in need of a rapid recovery can get exactly that through IV therapy, and it’s not just limited to re-hydrating a person, as common misconception would indicate.

IV therapy is capable of directly injecting various concentrations of vitamins directly into a patient’s veins, usually with a specific focus in mind for that particular treatment. If a patient is suffering pain from aching bones and sore muscles after intense physical strain, there’s an IV cocktail specifically aimed to accelerate that healing. Needing a boost to your immune system from the crummy air in Utah’s winter months? A cocktail loaded with things like vitamin-C and zinc will help do the trick. Need some rapid repair to overworked muscles after climbing one of the Salt Lake area’s toughest hiking trails? An infusion of amino acids will set you on the right track.

Those are just a few examples too of the kinds of cocktails available, and the medical situations they can help improve for patients. IV therapy is helping people all over to recover more quickly and more effectively from minor ailments than simply ingesting some pills and resting up. By infusing these treatments and vitamins directly into the bloodstream, their healing properties reach the parts of the body in need of healing much more quickly than any other form of treatment. And all of that is without the potential damage that some medications can cause to things like the stomach lining or small intestine.

Utah is a great place to call home, with plenty of great outdoor activities to enjoy. You shouldn’t have to pay the price of soreness and fatigue for the days and weeks following an outdoor adventure. And whether it be for recovery of an ailment or prevention of future ones, IV therapy can be a your solution for both getting back to, and staying, at 100 percent health!