Stem Cell Therapy as a Disruptive Innovation

Stem Cell Therapy uses cells with the ability to adapt to surrounding cells

Modern medicine, like almost any industry, is dependent upon continually innovating and improving its treatment methods. Stem Cell Therapy is one of those modern innovations that’s been taking shape in recent years, and it offers plenty of reasons to be excited about its incredible healing potential to people far beyond just the reach of Salt Lake City, Utah. In the field of orthopedics, the potential of stem cells has already shown to be significantly effective.

But as new technologies develop, there’s inevitably going to be people invested in older methods, who are resistant to change. This can be due to skepticism about newer methods, or due to large investments made into those older ones. In almost any industry though, when new methods and capabilities become a seemingly obvious choice over well-established existing methods, that’s often referred to as disruptive innovation. And one could certainly argue that Stem Cell Therapy is disruptively innovating the orthopedic medical field.

For patients all over Salt Lake City and the surrounding valley, Stem Cell Therapy can often be a much more sound financial move for their own treatment options. Compared to the nearly $50,000 average cost of something like a total knee replacement, a typical stem cell treatment is only a fraction of that cost. And oftentimes can yield even more positive results by helping patients rebuild the damaged cartilage causing them pain and discomfort. Putting significant sums of money back into the pockets of patients, along with often improved overall healing results, and you once again have all the makings of disruptive innovation.

It’s also important to note though, scenarios still exist where something more major like a total knee replacement is indeed the proper course of action. Stem cells can do some incredible things for patients, but in its current state of development, it’s not a universal solution. In other words, while stem cells might provide a more modern solution to some problems, certain scenarios still require the more time-tested methods of treatment.

It’s because of this that having a stem cell consultation from an actual medical doctor becomes monumentally important for patients. If that doctor happens to also specialize in orthopedics, patients can rest easy knowing they’re receiving a proper diagnosis with their own best interests in mind. Unfortunately for patients in Utah, the number of medical doctors offering Stem Cell Therapy is limited, which can often result in people receiving unqualified advice on these matters. Every patient’s situation is different, and by choosing the right doctors to consult with regarding their potential treatment options, patients can help treat their own aching joints, without overly hurting their wallets in the process.