Evan’s incredible six-week transformation!

Before and After

Here in our office at South Valley OrthoMed, it’s not unusual for patients to express excitement over progress they’ve made. When the long struggle to achieve weight loss goals finally begins to see significant progression, that excitement really should come as no surprise. Patients come in for their weekly visits feeling better, looking better, and eager to share their excitement with us!

One particular patient went way above and beyond just an excited weekly update. This particular patient took the time to tell us his entire story of what initially helped lead him to us, and where we helped lead him. He sent this to us and gave us permission to share it with everyone else.


My name is Evan and I want to tell you a bit about my weight loss journey over the past couple of months.

To start, a little bit about me; I currently work on a SWAT team for a local law enforcement agency and have been on the team for 18 months now. I have always been a bigger guy going back to my younger years playing sports. I have been living with a fracture in my back for over 15 years now and it gets worse and worse as the years go on. As you can imagine the extra weight I carry around does not help.

I was complaining about my weight to a close friend of mine and she recommended that I try the 6 week weight loss program offered by South Valley OrthoMed. At first I was a little skeptical because of previous diets that I had been on, but after sitting down with the team at South Valley and seeing the program, I decided to go for it. At the time of weigh in I was 251 pounds and had a goal of 225lbs by the end of the 6 weeks. My only concern was that I wanted to ensure the weight I would be losing would be fat and not muscle, as I wanted to keep some of my size.

I was given an extensive packet on the program with many resources to help me succeed. I was also encouraged by the team at South Valley to consider this a “Lifestyle Change” instead of a diet. I began the program and used the resources given to start my journey. Like with all changes, the weight started falling off pounds at a time but something was different this time… I actually had more energy and felt amazing. I was sleeping better and able to train harder than I had in a long time.

I was given 3 injections per week to help with my energy and ensure my body would eat my fat and not my muscle. This in addition to taking a daily dose of Phentermine to help curve my appetite, a solid workout plan and balanced diet made things seem effortless at times. The best part was seeing my family, friends and teammates in shock of how quickly I was getting back into shape and all the compliments that came with that.

There was only one point where I became discouraged. I went into the clinic for my weekly assessment and found that I had not lost any weight in that 7 day period. This came after a hard week of training and not one ounce of cheating the diet plan. I insisted there must be something wrong and wanted further assessment. With no hesitation at all they did another body composition test which showed that I had gained over 5lbs of pure muscle. From there I was hooked and bought in 100% to the lifestyle change.

Through hard work, determination and the total support from the team at South Valley I completed my 25lb weight loss goal in 5 weeks rather than 6. I continued on with my training and by the 7 week mark I was at 220lbs and in the best shape I had been in since graduating the police academy. I continue to train today and follow the guidelines that were given to me day 1 of the program. I’m happy to report that I have not gained any of the fat back that I had lost and maintain my weight around 220 pounds and gain more muscle every week.

As you can see in the before and after pictures, I have taken inches off of all those trouble areas like my stomach and thighs but I did not sacrifice any of my muscle mass to do so.

Just some fun numbers to report along with my weight loss…


PT Test Prior to 6 Week Program

PT Test After 6 Week Program

1.5 Mile run 15:07 1.5 mile run 13:16
63 Consecutive Pushups 79 Consecutive Pushups
59 Situps in under 2 Minutes 72 Situps in Under 2 Minutes
2 Pullups 11 Pullups
365lb Max Bench Press 335lb Max Bench Press

The numbers speak for themselves and it goes without saying that I would recommend this program and the professionals at South Valley OrthoMed to help with any of your lifestyle change goals. I couldn’t have done what I did without them and am thankful for their kindness, support and unbelievable dedication to me as their patient and friend.

The Combination Of HCG & Vitamin B12 Injections For Weight Loss

Experts have always recommended using a well-planned HCG diet, combined with other supplements to effectively lose weight. Incorporating B12 vitamin into an HCG program is considered by many experts based on the patient’s custom requirements. It is a great combination from which a lot of people have benefited till date. Patients need to discuss the effectiveness of combining different medication and supplements with the right diet like HCG for weight loss.

Conflicting information usually confuses a person while choosing a type of healthy diet. It is important that people research and find the facts before starting any weight loss program. Make sure to trust only authentic sources and not fake websites. Communicate with professionals, nutritionists or a family doctor before concluding on anything related to your health.

Natural source of HCG and B12

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is released in the course of pregnancy. It is known to keep the fetus of the expecting mother healthy. These hormones are found in both the urine and blood of pregnant women. On the other hand, B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is derived from all type of animal foods. When the B12 vitamin is combined with folate, it works within the body to build stronger DNA and increases the number of red blood cells. It also helps to convert fat into energy that helps the individual stay fit and super active.

>Benefits of HCG injections in a weight loss program

Experts say that the HCG injections plays a good role in regulating the fat burning process in a weight loss procedure. When you eat restricted amount of calories, it can make your life a little miserable. This is where the HCG diet comes in to give you a fantastic experience by managing all the hormone changes as and when you lose the weight. Once the HCG takes control of your hormones you will feel vivacious and full of life.

  • HCG allows the body to lose pounds without affecting the muscles, therefore saves the person from conditions such as sarcopenia. It also helps the body to transform into a muscle building state.
  • HCG injections are popular among people for controlling their appetite. Once your appetite is under control, you not only eat less but will also be able to deal with hunger pangs and attacks during the weight loss sessions.
  • HCG injections allow dieters to feel enthusiastic without any additional fatigue and severe headache that stay with you throughout the weight loss program.
  • HCG is known to elevate the hormones in a person’s body, including the testosterone hormone which is responsible for burning the fat layers.

Experts are continuously pressurized to come up with different ways to lose weight. The demand to lose weight is increasing day by day and pressuring the researchers to come up with something highly effective. Nobody wants to bear the side effects, so there needs to be something that has more benefits than drawbacks. B12 injections are one of the most prescribed supplements to reduce weight. Vitamin and nutrient levels are responsible for the make or break of your health. They also affect your ability to keep up with a healthy weight.

Once you give your body a few doses of vitamin B12 injections, you will see a drastic change in the energy levels. You will not need any test to see the improvement or efficiency of the injections, and will be able to feel it after a few weeks. Nothing happens overnight, so if you think that you will get all pumped up right after a vitamin B12 injection then that is not going to happen. No drug works right away, every formula has its own way of working. You will feel super active once the B12 vitamin level increase and eventually get more strength to workout at the gym and burn some more calories.

How are vitamin b12 injection combined with HCG and other weight loss programs?

Experts say that B-12 injections do not have a powerful impact in weight loss solely by themselves, but prove to be highly efficient when combined with other weight loss techniques. Some weight-loss clinics include B-12 injections into their weight-loss programs to enhance the output of the program. Enthusiasts of vitamin B-12 injections state that the shots increase your energy level, boost your metabolism and helps you work out more and shed the extra baggage of fat. Vitamin B12 injections only work for people who are suffering from its deficiency and not for those who already have a good graph in the B12 levels.

Fortamet, Riomet, and Glucophage are some of the drugs that are used by the experts during the weight loss procedure for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Sometimes these drugs affect the B12 level in your body creating a deficiency that will affect you in a lot of other ways. If your weight loss drugs or pills include metformin, talk to your doctor and clear your doubts. You can also plan better strategies to maintain an adequate B-12 level.

The combination of HCG diet & B12 injections

Experts usually advise 2 combinations of weight loss to their clients wherein one is HCG injections with HCG diet and the second involves B12 injections with HCG diet. Depending on the severity or type of weight loss the expert advises one of the two. These are fad diet sweeping through the weight loss market, they are highly efficient and have shown excellent results till date.

The HCG diet consists of foods that help to maintain the hormone levels helping the patients to relax and enjoy the weight loss than suffering from headaches. B12, on the other hand, helps your body with the red blood cells that are responsible for distributing oxygen evenly throughout the body. These injections make you feel energetic and prepare you to work out more than you normally can.

A philosopher once said that if you want to achieve something you have never had, then you will have to do something you haven’t done before. You will have to work a little harder and follow the diet plans strictly. There will be a combination of things that you will have to follow during your weight loss sessions just like the above program. Patience and multitasking are something you will learn in a weight loss program. Make sure you find the best clinic to help you with your weight loss. Research a little on the HCG weight loss program on the internet and then look for the top clinics in your city that offer great services. Don’t forget to check their testimonials before approaching them for help with your weight loss vows.

Reasons Why Top Orthopedists Recommend Stem Cell Therapy

Experts are using biologic adjuvants to treat operative as well as the non-operative orthopedic injuries. This practice has continued over the years to grow and helps exhilarate the healing process of chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

Stem cell treatments in the field of orthopedics are known to be one of the most commonly explored options and promotes osseous and soft tissue healing in the process. Basic science and research has proved the potential of stem cells in the process of treating musculoskeletal injuries.

The stem cell source Is essential

The procedure of orthopedic stem cell therapy is pretty simple and straightforward. Experts say that the best stem cell source for treating orthopedic conditions is derived from the bone marrow. Many researchers have spent days figuring out what stem cells prove effective in orthopedic injuries. After a lot of experiments, they came to a conclusion that the stem cells derived from fat aren’t that good to repair musculoskeletal structures like that of cartilage and tendons.

When you go in for an orthopedic stem cell injections, figure out which type of cells are used for the therapy. Discuss the procedure and why stem cell therapy is ideal. You might also come across amniotic cell therapy while researching about stem cells. Talk to your doctor before agreeing on any orthopedic stem cell therapy.

Measuring the dosage

In no other treatments, a vague dosage of the prescribed injection is acceptable. That is not the case with stem cell treatments. Doctors who do not follow any dosage aren’t aware of the dosage themselves. Make sure that the doctor is aware of the required dosage of stem cells. Most of the professionals make use of the sophisticated processing labs, which are a critical component to orthopedic stem cell treatment. There is certain dosage for particular treatments that the expert needs to consider before injecting the patient. Usually, the dosage is approximately measured so as to meet the needs of the patient’s injuries.

Properly injecting the damaged area

You just can inject the stem cells randomly into the body. They won’t travel to the injured place magically and heal the wounds. Advanced imaging is important to inject the stem cells in particular area of injury. There are certain types of equipment that your doctor uses to treat your orthopedic injury, since it is different from other wounds. Out of which one is a C-arm fluoroscope that is basically used to place stem cells into the injured areas of the spine or joints like shoulders, knees, and hips. The other most common equipment is an ultrasound, which is designed to allow placement of stem cell therapy in body parts like that of tendons and ligament which are best viewed with the help of this device.

Ask the professional about the technologies they use, to carry out the orthopedic stem cell therapy. Most doctors use both the devices to fulfill different requirements during the procedure of orthopedic stem cell therapy. These devices help the professional to inject in the correct area which results to strong and positive results. This is a crucial step when working with orthopedic stem cell injections.

Some medicines are not ideal for stem cells

Anesthesia that is used by the professionals to numb the patient’s injured body part may prove dangerous for the treatment. It can also kill the stem cells and lessen the power of the treatment. It is important the doctor is aware of the same so they can use the correct formula of anesthesia during the orthopedic stem cell treatment. The right type of anesthesia makes all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful orthopedic stem cell treatment.

The injections contain multipotent stem cells that possess the ability to differentiate and mimic varying cell types dictated to specific body parts that needs healing and the right source of the stem cells. Patients should immediately stop taking any pills or medication that won’t help with their healing process.

Now that you are aware about how important the role of anesthesia is in the stem cell treatment, make sure to ask your professional regarding the same. Find out which anesthesia do they recommend, research on it on a personal basis and clear your doubts before approving the treatment.

Stem cell therapies are mostly used by athletes to treat their injuries because they have experienced the maximum benefits compared to others. They are open about it and have even shared their amazing experiences with the media, talking about how good stem cell therapy has been for their career. People are becoming aware of the treatment and are turning towards the treatment. Not a lot of people know about the treatment or prefer the treatment. Many believe that the treatment is quite complicated and not safe. But, as a matter of fact, it is a simple yet effective form of treatment that helps in pushing the body’s natural healing power and regenerate the damaged tissues in the body.

Remember, if you are looking for effective, good and lasting results, you will need to find a clinic that provides quality treatment and not just any random stem cell therapy. Make sure that the doctor is aware about the stem cell therapy and do not just recommend some random treatment alternative.

Be prepared with a basic knowledge of stem cell therapy before you meet any professional. Orthopedic stem cell injections need to be injected under the guidance and monitoring of a professional who understand thew patient’s needs based on their medical history and their treatment requirement. This way you will know how knowledgeable and experienced they are and you will feel comfortable getting treated by a person who is aware of the advantages and issues of the treatment. Even if something goes wrong, they are highly experienced to stop the negative impact and turn the situation towards the positive end.

Biologic use in orthopedics is a continuously evolving field that complements anatomic and biomechanical advancements in orthopedics. Stem cell therapy for orthopedics is taking an advanced turn and many people are trying out this treatment alternative.

Society’s Uphill Slope of Weight Management

Medical weight loss should not be viewed as simply a cosmetic change to a person's lifeThere’s little question that Salt Lake City, and really all of Utah, values appearance. Whether that be through impressive landscaping of shopping centers, cleanliness of city streets, or personal appearance, people of Utah like things to look good. Because of this, a person’s desire to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle is often perceived by many to be purely a cosmetic one. And while society and pop culture certainly do place their own pressures on personal appearance, the goal of something like medical weight loss is primarily to focus on improving a person’s overall bill of health by making positive lifestyle changes.

The busy nature of the modern world presents a constant uphill battle for many people when it comes to weight management. Eating healthier and exercising properly are more time-consuming than their alternatives, and that’s extra time many people often don’t have. After months, or even years of a hectic, on-the-go lifestyle, little bits of weight that were added on here and there can eventually take a toll on a person. This isn’t always just limited to outward appearance either. The convenience of a lot of the food people eat while constantly out and about can add on plenty of other complications to a person’s health. Then consider the strain that increased weight can have on a person’s joints, and one can really start to see the various issue that can arise.

This is why medical weight loss, losing weight in general, should never be viewed as just some cosmetic improvement. For many patients in Utah, weight loss is just a cherry on top of other positive lifestyle changes that were made primarily to help them FEEL better, as opposed to just looking better. The sense of comfort, both physically and mentally, that can come to a person as a result of positive changes can truly be life-changing. And much like how day-to-day stresses and lack of time can contribute to a person’s health declining for a period of time, the positive momentum from eating and living better can carry people on to plenty more improvements in their own life.

So whether you’re a hard-working professional in Salt Lake City or a stay-at-home parent in South Jordan, medical weight loss can help set you back on a path to living a more energetic and healthier lifestyle. Your outer-self is sure to benefit tremendously, but your inner-self might just feel as healthy and alive as ever!

Stem Cell Therapy as a Disruptive Innovation

Stem Cell Therapy uses cells with the ability to adapt to surrounding cells

Modern medicine, like almost any industry, is dependent upon continually innovating and improving its treatment methods. Stem Cell Therapy is one of those modern innovations that’s been taking shape in recent years, and it offers plenty of reasons to be excited about its incredible healing potential to people far beyond just the reach of Salt Lake City, Utah. In the field of orthopedics, the potential of stem cells has already shown to be significantly effective.

But as new technologies develop, there’s inevitably going to be people invested in older methods, who are resistant to change. This can be due to skepticism about newer methods, or due to large investments made into those older ones. In almost any industry though, when new methods and capabilities become a seemingly obvious choice over well-established existing methods, that’s often referred to as disruptive innovation. And one could certainly argue that Stem Cell Therapy is disruptively innovating the orthopedic medical field.

For patients all over Salt Lake City and the surrounding valley, Stem Cell Therapy can often be a much more sound financial move for their own treatment options. Compared to the nearly $50,000 average cost of something like a total knee replacement, a typical stem cell treatment is only a fraction of that cost. And oftentimes can yield even more positive results by helping patients rebuild the damaged cartilage causing them pain and discomfort. Putting significant sums of money back into the pockets of patients, along with often improved overall healing results, and you once again have all the makings of disruptive innovation.

It’s also important to note though, scenarios still exist where something more major like a total knee replacement is indeed the proper course of action. Stem cells can do some incredible things for patients, but in its current state of development, it’s not a universal solution. In other words, while stem cells might provide a more modern solution to some problems, certain scenarios still require the more time-tested methods of treatment.

It’s because of this that having a stem cell consultation from an actual medical doctor becomes monumentally important for patients. If that doctor happens to also specialize in orthopedics, patients can rest easy knowing they’re receiving a proper diagnosis with their own best interests in mind. Unfortunately for patients in Utah, the number of medical doctors offering Stem Cell Therapy is limited, which can often result in people receiving unqualified advice on these matters. Every patient’s situation is different, and by choosing the right doctors to consult with regarding their potential treatment options, patients can help treat their own aching joints, without overly hurting their wallets in the process.

Everything You Need to Know About Microneedling

Micro-needling is a facial treatment that uses a cluster of 9 to 12 needles that is inserted into the skin at a specific pace. It might seem like a daunting treatment, but it offers results that are lasting and effective. The micro-holes made in the skin promotes the natural healing of the skin, creating more collagen. This helps in fading scars caused by acne or injuries, increases the radiance of the skin and also prevents fine lines from the advanced treatment.

Microneedling may come across as a scary process because of the usage of needles in the treatment. However, the treatment is not painful if the skin is numbed right before the microneedling process is carried out. It can be considered as an effective way to boost the natural healing process of the skin and replenish the skin. The treatment procedure involves numbing of the skin which ensures that the patient does not undergo extreme pain or discomfort. Micro-needling helps in producing collagen and thickens the skin. While traditional facial makes you look good just for few days, micro-needling helps your skin look smooth and radiant for a much longer period of time.

It is an extremely safe method and is a great way to fill in acne scars. Needless to say, the thought of getting dozens of needles inserted into your face at once – for the sake of skincare can feel intimidating. However, if you see the before and after results, you will never question the effectiveness of the treatment.

This treatment has far more benefits than the method of using injectable fillers to fix a sunken spot. Microneedling kick starts your body’s healing power by boosting own natural collagen production. So, if you are searching for a clinic that offers microneedling in Utah, South Valley OrthoMed is one of the best options out there.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a facial treatment that involves using a cluster of 9-12 micro-needles to increase the production of collagen. These needles can be adjusted between 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters by the medical experts, 0.5 millimeters is the usual pick. 0.5 mm is used to penetrate the superficial layer of skin or stratum cornea.

Micro-needling is the hottest skincare trend and it is also a minimally invasive treatment. The most important benefit of microneedling is its capability to fuel the production of collagen and elastin, which is the essential to youthful-looking skin. It also reverses sun damage and pigmentation.

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. In this treatment, micro-punctures are created in your skin using the needles. Our body treats the tiniest wound in the same way it would treat a big wound and sends fibroblasts to increase the production of collagen in the injured area.

Microneedling is mainly a technique of tricking your brain into thinking that your skin has sustained an injury. This technique helps in thickening your skin and improving the texture of your skin. At South Valley OrthoMed, the treatment begins by first cleansing the area where the treatment is intended, a numbing cream is then applied all over the skin. After that, thes doctor will insert the micro-needles to create tiny holes on the surface of the skin.

Who is the right candidate for it?

If you want to get radiant skin and replenish your skin, you’re perhaps the right candidate. This specific treatment works wonders for your acne scars. Since it doesn’t use any heat and is totally a mechanical approach, it’s safe for all skin types and colors. This treatment is a great way to smooth out the skin and fill in the acne scars effectively. If you have those tiny skin bulges because of the clogged pores, it can also help in clearing all of that up. Please keep in mind that there are no infected or inflamed areas on your skin. If you are suffering from a cystic breakout, wait until it goes down before you start this treatment.

Does it hurt?

The treatment does not have an adverse effect on the patient, provided the medical expert using quality numbing cream to numb certain areas first. At South Valley OrthoMed, doctors use effective anesthetic solution on the skin in a particular manner, so the treatment can be carried out to treat the skin from the inside. After the treatment, your skin will turn a little pinkish, and in worst case scenarios, you might experience a few tiny scabs which will eventually fade in a couple of days.

What should I do after the procedure?

Ideally, avoid putting on makeup or any cosmetics for at least a day after you got the microneedling done. However, if it is absolutely necessary, it’s completely safe to wear a little makeup, but stick to a clean face if you can. It is suggested that you do not use retinol or anything too harsh for a few days. You can apply rejuvenating serums for couple of days and then you can go back to your regular makeup routine.

Which areas of the body can be treated?

Microneedling isn’t exclusive to just the face; however, people use it the most for the face. The treatment can be performed anywhere on the body that requires replenishing, particularly areas that have stretch marks, such as the legs, buttocks or the chest. About 4 to 6 sessions on average with an interval of at least 3 weeks usually, can do the trick.

How often should I get it done?

It totally depends on the severity of the skin condition. If your skin is normal and you take good care of your skin, then you can essentially use this treatment every 6 months. But, if you have any major acne scarring, you should get this treatment every month consecutively for 4-6 month. After that, you can get it done once a year or whenever you feel like you have to give your skin that much-needed rejuvenation.

How can I find a professional to get the microneedling treatment?

Just like with any other treatment, invest some time to research a good practitioner in your area. Communicate with the medical expert and ask all your queries and clear all the doubts before finalizing on a procedure.

Long Term Weight Loss

Long-Term Weight Loss: How to Keep the Pounds off once you lose them

The turn of the 20th century saw a lot of emphasis on weight loss. “I would sooner die than be fat”, claimed Amelia Summerville, author of a weight loss book in the year 1916. People try to shed those pounds at the utmost cost to feel really healthy, good and confident in their own skin. Once you have started your weight loss routine and achieved the desired weight, kudos to you! But beware that only half the battle is won. The next challenge is to maintain the same weight without putting on all those pounds that you have just lost.


Investigative research shows that after losing weight during a stipulated time, it is very common to regain some of the weight. More specifically, researchers have concluded that out of 700 people who have lost at least 30 lbs, about 635 of them have had unsuccessful attempts at keeping the weight off before maintaining a constant weight for a year. Dr. Bruce Lee, who is the director of Global Obesity Prevention Center at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, concludes that “If you have been at a certain weight for a while, then the body tends to try to maintain that weight”.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Although people lose weight in many different ways, the habits of the people trying to maintain the same weight are surprisingly similar. Listed below are a few such habits.
  • Get adequate sleep. People who lack sleep gravitate towards comfort eating.
  • You can indulge in your favorite high calorie foods, once in a while, provided they are eaten in moderation.
  • Establish variety in your food intake so that you discover new flavors and tastes that you never knew existed. Eating slowly and savoring every bite too helps in maintaining your weight in the long run.
  • Prepare your own meals rather than eat out. This cuts out unnecessary calories that you are usually unaware of.
  • Skipping meals has been proven to be disastrous for keeping up your weight loss.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 60 minutes every day. You don’t really have to have intense workouts but rather moderate workouts.
  • Last but not the least; do not give up on your efforts. The number of attempts doesn’t matter. What really counts is to be successful at last. And once you are able to keep off those excess pounds for at least a year, then your body adapts to that weight as your natural weight.

Why is it so important to focus on sustaining the weight-loss?

Your brain and body are actually hardwired to regain back all the weight that you might have just lost since they are interdependent on each other. Eating high-calorie foods is an evolutionary trait which might have suited primitive humans but in this world of readily available food, it is you who needs to regulate your food intake accordingly. A nutritious and consistent diet in a lifestyle that includes regular exercise goes a long way in keeping you healthy, fit and light in frame.

Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

You don’t have to take dieting to extremes to lose weight.  By making some basic changes with what you eat, you can not only lose weight, but you can also improve your health.  Various health issues, such as heart disease and type II diabetes, are caused by being overweight.

The information you will read here today is not hype, or a marketing gimmick.  It is information based on well-researched science.  While it is not a be-all, end-all to your weight loss needs, it will most certainly point you in the right direction.

What Foods to Avoid:

  • Sugary Foods: Soft drinks, candy, and various other sweets are highly fattening.  Due to how fast they are digested by the body, the body has very little time to actually utilize most those calories and as a result, the rest of the unneeded calories are stored as fat.  Sugary foods are a leading cause of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity (along with the health risks associated with it).
  • Trans Fats: These are fats that are chemically modified and extremely bad for your health.  Most commonly found in highly processed foods, these types of fats should be completely avoided.
  • Artificial Sweeteners: Not only have many of these calorie-free foods been shown to be unhealthy, but in addition, there have been countless independent studies that have shown that diets including artificial sweeteners actually fare far worse than if you consumed their sugary counterparts.  There is a direct correlation with artificial sweeteners and obesity, as well as obesity-related diseases.  The only substitute that has thus far proven to be effective has been Stevia.
  • Foods Labeled “Diet” or “Low-fat”: The majority of these foods have fat replaced by sugars, making the concept of them being low-fat or “diet” absolutely worthless.  Many have just as much overall calories as their regular counterparts.  In some cases, they have even MORE calories.  Don’t rely on companies looking to maximize sales of their products to be honest with you.

What Are Healthy Food Choices?

  • Fish: A great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and a variety of other nutrients, fish is a great food choice.  Most are also very low in fat and fairly low in calories as well.
  • Eggs: Another great protein source, eggs are very nutrient dense and a great food choice.  Just be sure to moderate how many yolks you eat in one sitting, as the yolk contains both the fat and the cholesterol found in eggs.
  • Meats: Chicken, turkey, lamb, and lean pork are good choices.  Keep in mind dark meat from chicken and turkey contains much more fat than white meat.  Also, beef is fine in moderation, but should not be consumed more than twice per week maximum due to its high fat content.
  • Vegetables: They contain fiber, are usually fairly low in calories per serving, and are very nutrient dense.  You should try to fit in vegetables whenever possible during meals.
  • Fruits: While more dense in calories than most vegetables, fruits oftentimes have nutrients that are different than vegetables and as such, while vegetables should be prioritized over fruits, you should incorporate some fruit into your daily intake as well.  Moderation is key here.

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are drugs that are used to supplement weight loss diets. They work by maintaining high levels of the chemical serotonin in the brain. This is a chemical secreted by the body after heavy meals that is responsible for the associated feelings of satiety. By maintaining the presence of serotonin in the brain, appetite suppressants are able to effectively lower your appetite. This allows you to effortless stick to a low-calorie diet without the associated hunger pangs.

Types of Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are of two basic types; Prescription and over-the-counter. The prescription drugs are approved by the FDA and their use should carefully be regulated by the prescribing doctor. Over-the-counter varieties are available without a doctor’s prescription and can be accessed in almost any drug store.

The effectiveness of these supplements will primarily depend on the appetite suppressant of choice. Some appetite suppressants also slightly increase fat burning by thermogenesis through an increase in the basal metabolic rate. This is facilitated by the chemical ephedra and caffeine contained the prescriptions. The prescriptions also contain conjugated linoleic acid and chitosan which slow down the absorption of digested fat by the body.


The total weight lost during the period will depend on your lifestyle and body composition. The more overweight individuals naturally lose more weight than the less overweight. Generally, the amount of fat lost is determined by the daily calorie deficit. Under normal conditions, each 3500 calorie deficit will result in a pound of body fat being lost.

Apart from weight loss, these drugs will give you an energy boost to counteract the feelings of fatigue, which is typical of low calorie diets.

Any Side Effects?

Like most drugs, the side effects vary and depend on the individual. The chemical ephedra, though effective, has been touted to increase the risk of heart disease and associated complications. However, in light of this, most formulations have eliminated ephedra and replaced it with a mixture of multivitamins and synephrine which resembles ephedra, leading to a slight increase in the cost of production. Again, the ability of some of the appetite suppressant to block fat absorption inhibits the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins. This can lead to constipation and diarrhea in some people. The presence of stimulants can disrupt sleep patterns especially when taken near bed time. Since the drugs alter the re-uptake of serotonin in the brain, they present a risk of addiction and dependency.

It is advisable to conduct a preliminary consultation with an experienced professional before settling on the supplement of choice. Remember that these suppressants do not individually cause you to lose weight. Therefore, is important to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime to realize your desired results. Continued use of these supplements over a long period of time should be avoided. This is because the body is able to adapt to the levels of serotonin in the brain after some time effectively minimizing the appetite suppressing effect. Overusing also presents the risk of excessive appetite once the medication is stopped. Moderate use is therefore highly recommended. However, under professional guidance, the cons are minimized and careful use can lead to rapid weight loss, sustainable in the long-term.

Cholesterol and Diet – Correlated To Each Other

Lowering your cholesterol is one of the best ways to avoid a heart attack or stroke. A substance called plaque gets deposited in the arteries, which builds up in the blood and adds to high cholesterol levels. Such deposits clog the arteries or in some cases, complete blockage can occur, preventing the flow of oxygen and blood to the heart. Every year, this problem is found in thousands of people, which leads to heart attacks, chest pain and cardiovascular diseases.

HDL and LDL are two different types of cholesterol. HDL is considered good cholesterol and LDL is treated as bad. HDL is good cholesterol because it has the tendency to help remove bad cholesterol from your body, while LDL is bad as it creates complications and increased risk of heart disease or challenges in the future.

When you want to lower your cholesterol levels, it is important to know your HDL and LDL numbers. Knowledge of total cholesterol is essential too. If any of the levels are high, then chances of you being prone to heart disease are likely high as well. The potential for a heart attack is much higher when you have high cholesterol.

Below is a diet that will help you achieve proper levels of cholesterol and keep everything under control.

Diet Related to Cholesterol Levels

Before describing the relationship between diet and cholesterol, it is important to know that diet plays a significant role in reducing cholesterol and heart problems. Most heart disease is related to higher cholesterol levels, so we need to control cholesterol levels to continue to lead a healthy life.

Most of the cholesterol comes from butter, fish, meat, milk and margarine. Notice how all these are animal fat? Your body accumulates fat in two ways; first, by your body making cholesterol or, second, from the food you eat. All you can do is lower the intake of the foods you eat to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

In the same way in which we have good and bad cholesterol, good fats and bad fats are also out there. Keep your total dietary fat intake within 25%-35% of your diet and don’t go beyond this limit. Most of the fat intake should be of the good kind i.e. vegetable fats and omega-3 fatty acids (fish), also called as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

LDL cholesterol – bad type – intake must be minimalized. Therefore, try to avoid saturated fats like eggs, meat and dairy products.

A quick way to spot the difference between saturated and unsaturated fat is that saturated fat remains solid at normal room temperature, whereas unsaturated fat is liquid at room temperature.

Fill up your diet with healthy fats that are usually present in non-saturated or vegetable fats. Things like nuts, salmon and avocados are great sources of healthy fats. While eating more of these, make sure you cut back on fatty foods like red meat, whole milk and of course, mouth-watering pastries, chips and nachos.

Knowing the difference between the various cholesterols and types of fat is the first step in ensuring that you are consuming the proper diet with the appropriate fat intake. Recognizing this and making the necessary adjustments to your diet will prevent high cholesterol, heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. Make sure to keep your diet healthy and you will have a happy and healthy lifestyle.