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  • The Golden Rules For Your Weight Loss Journey (3/22/2019)- Have you been watching your weight slowly climb over the years? Does the thought of making changes overwhelm or upset you? WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, SO READ ON! Beginning to take charge of your life is a monumental decision, but each step does not need to be so grand. You don’t need to… ...Continue Reading
  • Stem Cells for “Bone-on-Bone” Knee Joints (11/6/2018)- For many people, knee pain becomes an unfortunate reality of day-to-day life. With continued aging comes the continued wear and tear of the joints absorbing the majority of the impact from literally every step we take. For some, the deterioration of a knee joint can start at a young age, often jump-started by traumatic injury… ...Continue Reading
  • Am I Too Old For Stem Cell Therapy? (8/7/2018)- This is definitely one of the most common questions we hear regarding stem cell therapy, and really, it's not hard to see where people are coming from with this inquiry. ...Continue Reading
  • Share your #COOLnotcool stories and WIN! (7/10/2018)- We've all been there, right? A friend, neighbor, or maybe even an online blog claims to have some little-known secret to shedding excess body fat. It could be the most absurd, obscure sounding thing imaginable, but if it's easy enough to try, why not, right? The results though, pretty much always end in disappointment. When… ...Continue Reading
  • An IV therapy cocktail for every ailment (8/29/2017)- IV therapy is rapidly growing in popularity both here in Utah, and throughout the rest of the United States. While the concept of hospital patients receiving an IV to deliver both medication and hydration during their recovery process is almost universally known, applying those same healing principles outside of a hospital bed has only recently… ...Continue Reading